Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is GAMENAH?

    GAMENAH is an awesome portal that provides HARDCORE and CASUAL gamers a new level of convenience in availing credits for most of their favorite online games. GAMENAH makes it possible for its members to buy electronic PINs for different games using only one account.

  2. How do I use GAMENAH?

    Start by signing up for an account through the SIGNUP link found on the homepage of GAMENAH.COM. Once registered, load up your GAMENAH account with credits through our various convenient reload channels and you’ll be ready to avail credits for your favorite games.

  3. How do I load up my GAMENAH account?

    Load up your account by depositing your payment to our bank accounts or by using SMART Money or G-CASH to send your payment. To view the detailed instructions, please log-in to your GAMENAH account, click on “MY GAME WALLET” and select the “RELOAD CHANNELS” tab.

    We’re continuously working on providing you with the most convenient payment option, please check the site for updates on available options from time to time.

  4. How long does it take to credit my GAMENAH account with the payment I made?

    We will credit your GAMENAH wallet upon confirmation of the receipt of your payment. This may take a few minutes to a few hours depending on the RELOAD CHANNEL through which you made your payment.

    For faster processing, please carefully follow the instructions of your selected RELOAD CHANNEL.

  5. How do I buy PINs for my favorite online games?

    To buy PINs, go to BUY PIN and provide the mobile number or email address where you prefer to have your PINs delivered and select your desired PIN denomination. The cost of your transaction will be deducted from your GAMENAH credits.

    Please make sure that you have enough GAMENAH credits and that you have provided the correct mobile number or email address to avoid any inconvenience.

  6. Can I buy Multiple PINs and send it to one Mobile Number?

    You can buy as many PINs as you like provided that you have sufficient GAMENAH credits. Where you choose to send those PINs is up to you.

  7. How will I know if the PIN I purchased is sent?

    GAMENAH will return a prompt screen when you have successfully purchased a PIN.

  8. How long does it take to get the PIN I purchased?

    You or your recipient should receive the ordered PIN through the email or mobile you specified within a few second to two (2) minutes after your successful purchase.  However, delays may be encountered if there are system maintenance or technical difficulties like email downtime or heavy network traffic in your recipient’s mobile network.  In such cases, your transaction will be queued for retry. For immediate assistance during these cases, you may get in touch with our Customer Service at

  9. Can I view my past transactions?

    GAMENAH makes it easy for you to track your transactions. All your transactions are recorded in your account for you to view anytime. To view all transactions that relates to the crediting of your account, checkout your “RELOAD HISTORY.” To view all your BUY PIN transactions, browse your “PURCHASE HISTORY.” Both of these can be found under your “MY GAME WALLET” section.

    For INQUIRIES you may send an email to GAMENAH’s Customer Service is available 24x7.